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Quotes from Friends of THE Richard 

"THE Richard!!! A pre apocalyptic prophet! An evening in his company will make you forget all your problems ! 100% Sexiness, 500% Love ! THE Jesus of Kink !!!" - Philip Faith / Photographer


"The Richard is a whirlwind of fun, free, fetishistic, energy that you can't help but be completely carried away and intoxicated by. He is a breath of fresh leather and latex scented air. I feel honored that I get to call him a friend." - Madeleine Horn /  The Horned Goddess


THE Richard, smiling, tempting and larger than life. A heart of gold, always accessible. A friend! - Eric Paradis / Montreal Fetish Weekend


“THE Richard is THE Fetish Kink Monster of All Time, and the World and everything in it is His.”- Rodrigo Gudiño / Rue Morgue Magazine


I love THE Richard. He is one of the best people around ! If there ever is a party and Richard is not there, it is NOT a party ! Extra Richard !!! Rock on !!! - Jean Bardot  / Fetish Icon