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Too much of a good thing can be wonderful and I can never get enough of Richard !!! - Bianca Black / Photographer


An amazing friend...Richard's enthusiasm, rock star sex appeal, positivity, and loving energy flows over and touches everyone he meets. You can't help but feel the LOVE when he is in your presence.  Over the last few years he has not only become a friend, but is now considered family.  A truely genuine soul. I love you bb! - Colleen Farrell - Kindred's Muze / Photographer


If one personality can capture every aspect of the fetish community and deliver it with a smile, it's The Richard! 
- Craig Galbraith : SUBSPACE


"As an event organizer, Richard has proven to me that no matter what's going on around, he'll always work the hardest to do what he was hired to do. As a friend, he's proven to be one of the people with the most integrity and soul I know." - Isabeau Fs : Fetish Sequence / Kinky Festival 


“We have had the great pleasure of working with Richard on two occasions and both times were absolutely electric. It was like meeting a long, lost brother who shares the same interests and has a mind as twisted as our own. Richard is a creative dynamo that challenged us to push our art further than we’ve ever gone before. He is a force of nature, an absolute original that exudes sex appeal and all the essential traits of a rock and roll bad boy. He also happens to be one of the most passionate and gracious people we know. We are honoured to call him a friend.”
Tim Bacon & Paul GreenMutagenic Studios