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"THE RICHARD has a raw and gritty sexual energy that transcends the stage, the lens and the screen. He's larger than life!" - Patricia Chica, film director


Knowing The Richard since already few years, me and him have become much closer the day I needed someone to be there for me in bad moments. He was there. Since then, our friendship has been one of the most precious ones that I have.
Richard est un homme très dévoué pour ceux qu'il aime. Il se donne corps et âme pour rendre heureux ceux qui l'entoure et n'hésite pas a aider son prochain. He never forgets who is there for him and is a real thankful person for what he has. He is an example of devotion and love. 
Merci Richard pour tout l'amour que tu me donnes et la joie que tu sèmes autour de toi. You will always be in my heart forever and I will always love you, no matter what. I love your personality, your values, your strenghts, and your weaknesses makes you even more adorable :)

I so love to love you!
MiMi Cherry xoxoxoxxo/ Model/ performer



The Richard has a powerful, creative and sexual energy like no other. Such amazing charisma. Beyond the stage you can count on him to get every one smiling. He is some one I know I can always count on. 
I cant wait to see what he will bring to the table next! Erica Furness / Model/ Actress/ make up artist/ Performer