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I met THE Richard some years ago in Essen Germany, and believe me you can not overlook him  Last year I actually got in contact with him for my show in Montreal. I never met a person who is so present and dedicated to his work and at the same time so loving, caring and helpful. This is not A Richard this is THE Richard! biggest heart I ever met. MORE  THE !!!
Brigitte More/ Latex Designer
THE Richard ~ HERO OF MONTREAL !!! Von Guttenberg/ Fetish Magazine

THE Richard...

You re such a kind soul. I wanted to write you to say how proud I am of the long journey of growth you made throughout the preparation and shooting of Ceramic Tango. Its not easy to do what you did. It takes actors sometimes years to carry this kind of role, and you did it in weeks. You were so easy to work with, and for me, the greatest gift you gave me was your trust in me. Trust is not an easy thing to give, especially since you didnt know me.

Thank you again for everything. Your hard work, trust, and dedication to this project made it all that more fulfilling to me.

I am so proud and impressed with your work in this film. You should keep exploring the natural actor inside of your heart.

Kristian Hodko/ Actor/ Acting Coach


THE Richard is so much Fun... everyone needs to party with THE Richard !!! ~ Gina King / Artist