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Quotes from Friends of THE Richard 

"THE Richard!!! A pre apocalyptic prophet! An evening in his company will make you forget all your problems ! 100% Sexiness, 500% Love ! THE Jesus of Kink !!!" - Philip Faith / Photographer


"The Richard is a whirlwind of fun, free, fetishistic, energy that you can't help but be completely carried away and intoxicated by. He is a breath of fresh leather and latex scented air. I feel honored that I get to call him a friend." - Madeleine Horn /  The Horned Goddess


THE Richard, smiling, tempting and larger than life. A heart of gold, always accessible. A friend! - Eric Paradis / Montreal Fetish Weekend


“THE Richard is THE Fetish Kink Monster of All Time, and the World and everything in it is His.”- Rodrigo Gudiño / Rue Morgue Magazine


I love THE Richard. He is one of the best people around ! If there ever is a party and Richard is not there, it is NOT a party ! Extra Richard !!! Rock on !!! - Jean Bardot  / Fetish Icon


Too much of a good thing can be wonderful and I can never get enough of Richard !!! - Bianca Black / Photographer


An amazing friend...Richard's enthusiasm, rock star sex appeal, positivity, and loving energy flows over and touches everyone he meets. You can't help but feel the LOVE when he is in your presence.  Over the last few years he has not only become a friend, but is now considered family.  A truely genuine soul. I love you bb! - Colleen Farrell - Kindred's Muze / Photographer


If one personality can capture every aspect of the fetish community and deliver it with a smile, it's The Richard! 
- Craig Galbraith : SUBSPACE


"As an event organizer, Richard has proven to me that no matter what's going on around, he'll always work the hardest to do what he was hired to do. As a friend, he's proven to be one of the people with the most integrity and soul I know." - Isabeau Fs : Fetish Sequence / Kinky Festival 


“We have had the great pleasure of working with Richard on two occasions and both times were absolutely electric. It was like meeting a long, lost brother who shares the same interests and has a mind as twisted as our own. Richard is a creative dynamo that challenged us to push our art further than we’ve ever gone before. He is a force of nature, an absolute original that exudes sex appeal and all the essential traits of a rock and roll bad boy. He also happens to be one of the most passionate and gracious people we know. We are honoured to call him a friend.”
Tim Bacon & Paul GreenMutagenic Studios


" J'ai eu la chance de «caster» Richard dans le cadre du magasine Joujou(x). Ses commentaires «out of this world», son aisance devant la caméra et son charisme animal en ont fait une coqueluche dès les premières diffusions. Sa façon de rendre le pire, non seulement acceptable, mais désirable, lui donne un naturel d'exception. Rich you are a three tumbs-up (anybody's ass) - Stephane Lapierre / JouJou (x)  /   Vanessa TV 


"You will know when The Richard has entered the room as he brings such an exhilarating playful energy, creating this fantasy world in which you are a star. The Richards sex appeal, dedication, honesty, kindness and strength will carry on as he continues to succeed and gain momentum in this world. Loves you xox " - Jasmine Virginia / Fetish Model / Entertainer


Richard is a star. He shares his immense creativity and lust for life every time we work together. And I am proud that he is my spokesperson.  Simply, he makes Luster Jewelry... shine!  - K8 Luster / Luster Jewelry


Richard Cardinal est un professionnel avec qui il est extrêmement agréable de travailler. Très attentif et à l'écoute des besoins, il a offert précisément ce qui était recherché. Son sens de l'esthétique et sa créativité lui ont permis de suggérer des approches qui ont aussitôt été adoptées.Il a eu la gentillesse d'accepter un rôle dans la série web Mafiapoly et de remplacer un acteur à la volée. C'est avec justesse et sensualité que Richard a donné de la substance et une attitude à son personnage.Authentique et humain, il a su s'adapter harmonieusement à une équipe de production moins expérimenté que lui. Sa présence et sa bonne humeur ont vite réussi à séduire tous le monde sur le plateau.J'espère parvenir à mettre en valeur toute sa passion, son talent et son style dans les prochains épisodes...

Carl Simard / Producteur de Mafiapoly  /  THE Richard World Documentary

"THE RICHARD has a raw and gritty sexual energy that transcends the stage, the lens and the screen. He's larger than life!" - Patricia Chica, film director


Knowing The Richard since already few years, me and him have become much closer the day I needed someone to be there for me in bad moments. He was there. Since then, our friendship has been one of the most precious ones that I have.
Richard est un homme très dévoué pour ceux qu'il aime. Il se donne corps et âme pour rendre heureux ceux qui l'entoure et n'hésite pas a aider son prochain. He never forgets who is there for him and is a real thankful person for what he has. He is an example of devotion and love. 
Merci Richard pour tout l'amour que tu me donnes et la joie que tu sèmes autour de toi. You will always be in my heart forever and I will always love you, no matter what. I love your personality, your values, your strenghts, and your weaknesses makes you even more adorable :)

I so love to love you!
MiMi Cherry xoxoxoxxo/ Model/ performer



The Richard has a powerful, creative and sexual energy like no other. Such amazing charisma. Beyond the stage you can count on him to get every one smiling. He is some one I know I can always count on. 
I cant wait to see what he will bring to the table next! Erica Furness / Model/ Actress/ make up artist/ Performer

I met THE Richard some years ago in Essen Germany, and believe me you can not overlook him  Last year I actually got in contact with him for my show in Montreal. I never met a person who is so present and dedicated to his work and at the same time so loving, caring and helpful. This is not A Richard this is THE Richard! biggest heart I ever met. MORE  THE !!!
Brigitte More/ Latex Designer
THE Richard ~ HERO OF MONTREAL !!! Von Guttenberg/ Fetish Magazine

THE Richard...

You re such a kind soul. I wanted to write you to say how proud I am of the long journey of growth you made throughout the preparation and shooting of Ceramic Tango. Its not easy to do what you did. It takes actors sometimes years to carry this kind of role, and you did it in weeks. You were so easy to work with, and for me, the greatest gift you gave me was your trust in me. Trust is not an easy thing to give, especially since you didnt know me.

Thank you again for everything. Your hard work, trust, and dedication to this project made it all that more fulfilling to me.

I am so proud and impressed with your work in this film. You should keep exploring the natural actor inside of your heart.

Kristian Hodko/ Actor/ Acting Coach


THE Richard is so much Fun... everyone needs to party with THE Richard !!! ~ Gina King / Artist