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Rue Morgue Magazine : Let there be BLOOD !!!


Those of you who have gotten to know me, have cum to realise that Horror & Fetish walk hand in hand in THE Happy Go Lucky World that is I !!!


It would cum as no big surprise that I am an avid collector of most things that go Bump in the Night ! Dvd's, toys, Dolls, Books, Boobs, Magazines,,, you name it !!! So this week, I will share with you one of my guiltiest pleasures which I find monthly with Horror in culture & entertainment : Rue Morgue Magazine . This Canadian enterprise has branched out to service the world with a bi weekly radio show :  Rue Morgue Radio, An annual Expo : THE Festival Of Fear a wide range of merchandise found on their online store : shoppe of Horrors  &  award wining short films : Rue Morgue Cinema                     

Rue Morgue is located in what used to be one of Toronto's oldest funeral homes built in 1897. President / publisher : Rodrigo Gudino had bought this estate in 2004 and thanks to an Amazing Team who have given their best at being the very Best,,,, Reanimation came back to the station that once carried the moarners tune of pure sorrow . RM has since then, taken a life all of it's own &  is today seen by many, if not by most,,, to be the Leading Horror magazine in the World !!! If you have the slightest weakness for the Macabre, walking through "THE House Of Horrors" would compare at being a kid within that Chocolate Factory and Mr Gudino,,, Your Willy Wonka ;)  Sooo,,, much Memoribilia is Splattered across theses walls that one would get rich with e-bay alone.This magazine was born Octobre 1997. She has grown & matured to deliverer a total of 113 Blood Soaked, Babie Beauties, making Rodrigo a very proud Father, & his Team,,, his happy family. 

This magazine kept flirting with my jugular at local news stands, almost whispering : Reach Out & Touch Me !!! But,,, busy as a Buzz Saw always rushing about, would never give it a chance till the day came where, MY Slasher of choice : Michael " Halloween" Myers graced their cover with issue # 28. Now, I know that braging about a magazine could sound funny to some but to a Horror Fiend such as myself, this would beCum my own,,, Personnal Jesus ;) One only needs reading any one of their issues to fully grasp all the Blood, Sweat & Drool that must of been put into this Labor Of Love. THAT,,, is exactly what any True Fiend will require Cum time to pay homage, to this Lovely Red Genra. NEXT PAGE TO CONTINUE STORY...



    THE Crypter By Kindred's Muze             Rodrigo Gudino : President of RMM By Philip Faith