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I work Damn hard on my updates and so, instead of simply storing them away as new ones emerge,,, I have decided to save them whithin this section as in : THE Archives . Here is THE List from Newest to Oldest :


~ RG : 30th Anniversary Edition Lynk

~ Club Sin December 2nd Link

~ Torture Garden Montreal Link

~ JACK THE Ripper Lynk

~ 1 800 I LOOK LIKE A FREAK Lynk

~ THE Reptile Shoot By : Kindred's Muze Lynk

~ THE Reptile Shoot By : Kindred's Muze page 2 Lynk

~ Welcum to Montreal Fetish Weekend Lynk

~ RIP : Jennx Medusa Lynk

~ Rue Morgue Magazine : Let there Be Blood !!! Lynk

~ Rue Morgue Magazine : Let there Be Blood !!! page 2 Lynk

~ Mafiapoly : THE Webseries Lynk

~ Mutagenic Studios : Mutants At Large Lynk

~ Le Rendez-vous de L erotisme de Montreal Lynk

~ Flashback : CDB's Paparazzi Lynk



~ Black Kocktail ( Fundraiser ) Link

~ Torture Garden Toronto 2011 Link

~ Club Sin Dominatrix (June 3rd) AKA : The Death of Christelle Souverbie's B Day cake  Link

~ Club Sin Uniformity ( May 6th) AKA : My B Day Bash Link


RG Magazine's 30th year anniversary edition


I was recently approached to model for the cover of a very special edition to the biggest free gay magazine here, in Montreal City. RG magazine wich stands for : Rencontres Gaies .

This would mark their 30th year anniversary & number 3 was the theme to attack . 3 Studs of 3 generations to represent their 30 years. How amazing is this !!! So needless to say,,, I cheerfuly exepted & was then asked to recruit 2 other Hunks to pose at my side. Mr Holy Scar for his 20's, Mr Simon Sayz for his 30's & THE I,,, for my 40's. 



The inspiration for this shoot was from the Greek mythology of "The Three Graces" with the added spice of, well,,, exstacy ;)  I must confess to how extremely happy I am with the results as Photographer : Robert Gilbert has delivered the aimed product yet once again cool Massive Thank you's to editor of RG Magazine : Andre Gagnon & his wonderful team for this amazing experience xxx


       The Three Graces                      RG's Graces : Holy Scar, THE I & Simon Sayz By : Savon


Club Sin December 2nd


We will be celebrating DJ Kommandandt's Birthday Bash Party cum this Friday Night at Club Sin for : CYBERSIN _\m/ 

Show By : CatsszHoly ScarPaisley & Miss Jasmine Virginia _\m/


                        Will you cum out to play with us ???

THE Party filmed & edited By :



Cirque De Boudoir & Subspace proudly Presents, for the very first time : Torture Garden MONTREAL !!!

Cum November 25-26 & 27th, TGM will be here & totally Hell Bent to entertain Ze Masses as attendies will run wild, within an Orgasmic Pool of Fuckkk... & Rolll !!!

This is the one Boys & Grrrrls where you clearly do not wanna be left alone, with your asses stuck to some sidewalk to ponder on THE Blah blah blah's,,, of what to do with your x sistence over this Weekend ;)

Join us in this,,, the most anticipated event of the closing year _\m/





                    Click HERE for the Link towards the locations & themed events 



   Video By : Cora Bunnyguts                               Video By : BeVision



What an Amazing summer this has been !!! Lot's of collaborations with many fellow artists always in search to further entertain all of you Sexy Bitches ;) Throughout this season, I was fortunate enough to have been followed around by Aeindel Productions, who are in fact,,, great beleivers of THE I _\m/ They ve captured footage of shows & their rehearsals, photoshoots, mc's, interviews between the world of Fetish & Horror as I traveled to Toronto & back. All of this material is to be put together in a beautiful biography movie called : THE Richard World _\m/

This film project is intended to share with you all that is me . The good, the bad & the bloody !!! Sooo much has already been captured including the Behind the scenes to our JACK THE Ripper movie !!! This short had been created as a prequel movie for our Night Of Masks show at MFW 2011. Produced & directed by Mutagenic Studios, it would explain to the attendees a back round story to the show they where about to witness . Dedicated to Rodrigo Gudino & THE Rue Crue, Mutagenics would pay homage through Film as us performers, through a live show . Now although you will have to wait for the behind the scenes ( wich are crazy insane ) till THE Richard World cums out, we are Extremely proud to present, for the very first time,,, the unleashing of : JACK THE Ripper : Masks Of Evil unto the web cool

PLUS : as an added bonus,,, I  am also unleashing a series of pictures from a shoot we had done during Rue Morgue's Festival Of Fear !!! Suprise suprise,,, it is called THE Ripper By: Kindred's Muze and stars Crimson HeavensErica Furness and THE I as YOUR Ripper cool Follow this LINK TO THE SET 

Hope you'll enjoy as we Love to love, to always bring you something Wild, Fresh & Ohhh,,, so fuckin' SexXxy ;)

Cheers,,, Your Richard xxxx




                              Untitled from Richard Cardinal on Vimeo.




Awww,,, I ve been going through my vaults as of lately and came accross this forgotten little gem of a "behind the scenes" segment, from a short that we had participated in some time ago called : The sellout !!! This film amongst others, where added under THE One Roof & a collection was born as in "Creepshow" called : Countess Bathoria's Graveyard Picture Show . It stars FreakyNat Vegas & I as Zombies cool The footage here seen  was captured & with great humor, by my Beautiful Daughter : Crimson Heavens <3 Now The Graveyard Picture Show had premiered at Montreal's Fantasia Film Festival in the summer of 2007 &  "INSIDER" The movie was actually stopped 3/4's in as Bomb Squad's rushed in, stopping the flick & evacuating THE Crowds outta the complex & into the streets !!! False alarm folks,,, no bombs here . Athough we never ever heard the ending to Miss Bathoria's Song, I will tell you that we did indeed live out quite the Adreneline Rush thanx to our friendly neighborhood's, Bomb Squad here,,, in Montreal City yes


Cheers & Hope you'll Enjoy,,,

YOUR Richard xxxx




Waddles N Wags : Hobby Farm & Reptile Zoo

I ve recently had the X treme privilidge of Shooting with several Exotic Creatures such as : Reptiles, hissing Cockroaches & a beautiful Lynx in Heat named : Kattia !!! A project were many of us artists had reunited together to bring  you something absolutely Fresh, Hot & Ohhh,,, So Fuckin' Wild !!! Well, after a long & fast paced shoot of a good 10 hours ,,, mission had been accomplished ;) I would like to share with you that this is a very long time to shoot with so many different Animals & reptiles as they would obviously each have their own personalities . Some are quite passive, others more shy & some may even get motion sickness when manipulated too roughly  ( Insider : when shooting, I am know to be very loud both orally as well as in motion. Why ??? Because this will help me get the needed mood for the needed result ;) So I will Purrrr, Roarrrr, and to 5 snakes wrapped onto my lubed up body, this I now see,,, may compare to a true roller coaster ride to Hell. Poor little white snake had puked his lunch all over my arm !!! The warm liquid dripped down my arm as I tossed snake heads & tails outta my way to see what alien substance was now glazed onto me. Well Peek a Boo, I see you,,, Puked up Dead Mousse Surprise !!! Strike a pose,,, & be SexXxy Bitch !!! Lol,,, And so I did ;) ) This amongst many other stories has made this out of the norm X perience, one we shall soon not forget !!! Hopefully through this project, we will help bring more visibility to Animal Rescue farm : Waddle N Wags : hobby farm & Reptile Zoo.     

Always Trusting Friend & Photographer : Miss Colleen Farrell ( Kindred's Muze photography ), had set everything in motion for us to model with theses Exotic wild rescues. Our faces where transformed by Ultra Talented, human painting Artist : Miss Natasha Kudashkina  so that we would resemble this Zoo's inhabitants . K8 Luster from : Luster Jewelry , ornamented our bodies in her finest of jewelry, designed for Absolute Worship as Kindred's friend & assistant, Miss Silvery Dragon  draped some of us with her beautifuly weaved necklaces . Models : Holy ScarJasmine VirginiaAkina Oizso & I arrived on location & where given a quick run of the farm so that we would get introduced to the animals, we where soon going to shoot with. Emus, Reptiles & Lynx Ohhh My !!! Such breath taking Beauties to behold .

With over 10 years of experience in keeping many reptiles, Father of Slivers : Mr Luke Halstead , had given us an Amazing course on both venomous & non venomous creatures dwelling within this cellar's humid envirement.  As Luke was wrangling his babies out of their homes for us to better get aquainted, I found it quite funny to learn that some of the cutest & smallest of the species, will often give the deadliest of bites . I also then & there realised, that Anacondas are Fuckin' SCARY !!! The hissing too loud, the heaving too threatening,,, I hid behind Jasmine like a little girly boy thang ( Lol ) 

Luke is on the board of directors for an animal rescue charity and has found a sweet heaven for his reptiles in collaboring with Miss Kim Rock, owner of Waddle N wags hobby farm.

The zoo is presently undergoing renovations and will be moving to highway 17, closer to Ottawa cum next year.

Thank you Kim & Luke for your great hospitality & for this Awesome Rockin'  x perience xxxx



THE Reptile Shoot cool



Doan My Alice Cooper w friends of the farm         W Best Friend Holy Scar & Kattia the Lynx








                    Makeup & Video By : Natasha Kudashkina 


Welcum to Montreal Fetish Weekend 


Ahhh... such great memories from last years edition of Montreal Fetish Weekend !!! Thank you you ve Sooo wet Our appetites towards this years event cum,,, Labour Day Weekend _\m/


   Video By :



RIP : Jennx Medusa


Absolute shock hit home for many Canadians over the last few days as news, like some viral disease,,, quickly traveled whithin our circle regarding the Death of 19 year old, Miss Jennx Medusa.  It is unclear & heavely sketchy as to what really happened last weekend & so,,, I cannot share any true explaination to this tragedy. What I will do is share with you my memory of a new friend. One who was fuelled with love, passion & always driven for challenges. I introduce to you : Jennifer Proulx aka Jennx Medusa . I had first met Jenn when I was brought into a project for a graphic novel called Babylon Smith by Mutagenic Studios. Mutants : Timothy Bacon & Paul Green had descended with Jenn to Montreal, almost a year ago cum this fall,,, where scenes for my character : THE Prophet was now ready to be captured . I was to play Nemesis to Baylon Smith & his rebellious Daugther Medusa. As we started working together, kicking each others asses,,, I instantly fell in Love with All that was Jenn. She was Kind, fun, caring, funny, flirty & always ready for some good old Shock N Roll !!! We delivered some Amazing material that weekend & forged a friendship that would last a life time. Whithin a very rapid time, she developed a notoriety as a fresh new talent that knew no boundaries & always delivered the finished product. Jenn was an Absolute joy to collaborate with & I, as many others,,, where anxiously awaiting to see her metamorphose from her beginners caccoon & bloom as a model to what I liked to fantasize as : THE Queen of Doom !!!  How ironic that now all seems :(

Jenn, in such a short period of time, you had managed to touch Ohhh... so many lives !!! Thank you for the gift that was you & Through your Glorious Art left behind, you will forever live on in our Hearts, Minds & Souls . We Love you Sweetest SunShine,,, God Speed Baby xxxx 



Rue Morgue Magazine : Let there be BLOOD !!!


Those of you who have gotten to know me, have cum to realise that Horror & Fetish walk hand in hand in THE Happy Go Lucky World that is I !!!


It would cum as no big surprise that I am an avid collector of most things that go Bump in the Night ! Dvd's, toys, Dolls, Books, Boobs, Magazines,,, you name it !!! So this week, I will share with you one of my guiltiest pleasures which I find monthly with Horror in culture & entertainment : Rue Morgue Magazine . This Canadian enterprise has branched out to service the world with a bi weekly radio show :  Rue Morgue Radio, An annual Expo : THE Festival Of Fear a wide range of merchandise found on their online store : shoppe of Horrors  &  award wining short films : Rue Morgue Cinema                     

Rue Morgue is located in what used to be one of Toronto's oldest funeral homes built in 1897. President / publisher : Rodrigo Gudino had bought this estate in 2004 and thanks to an Amazing Team who have given their best at being the very Best,,,, Reanimation came back to the station that once carried the moarners tune of pure sorrow . RM has since then, taken a life all of it's own &  is today seen by many, if not by most,,, to be the Leading Horror magazine in the World !!! If you have the slightest weakness for the Macabre, walking through "THE House Of Horrors" would compare at being a kid within that Chocolate Factory and Mr Gudino,,, Your Willy Wonka ;)  Sooo,,, much Memoribilia is Splattered across theses walls that one would get rich with e-bay alone.This magazine was born Octobre 1997. She has grown & matured to deliverer a total of 113 Blood Soaked, Babie Beauties, making Rodrigo a very proud Father, & his Team,,, his happy family. 

This magazine kept flirting with my jugular at local news stands, almost whispering : Reach Out & Touch Me !!! But,,, busy as a Buzz Saw always rushing about, would never give it a chance till the day came where, MY Slasher of choice : Michael " Halloween" Myers graced their cover with issue # 28. Now, I know that braging about a magazine could sound funny to some but to a Horror Fiend such as myself, this would beCum my own,,, Personnal Jesus ;) One only needs reading any one of their issues to fully grasp all the Blood, Sweat & Drool that must of been put into this Labor Of Love. THAT,,, is exactly what any True Fiend will require Cum time to pay homage, to this Lovely Red Genra. NEXT PAGE TO CONTINUE STORY...



    THE Crypter By Kindred's Muze             Rodrigo Gudino : President of RMM By Philip Faith

I have since then befriended Rodrigo & must confess to how ecstatic I was the day we had first met. This man was exactly what I had wanted him to be ! He is Kind, gracious, fun, funny & Fuckkk,,,ever so TALL !!! Cum August 25-28, RM will host their 8th annual Festival of Fear & this year, for the very first time,,, on a 4 day Orgasmic marathon to Hell _\m/ THE Guest of Honor : Mr. Robert "Freddy Krueger" Englund  !!! Also appearing : Elvira : Mistress Of THE Dark, Tom Savini, Malcom "Clockwork Orange" Mcdowel, Doug "Pinhead" Bradley, Lance "Aliens" Henriksen, Danielle "Halloween" Harris, Eliza "Wrong Turn" Dushku, Montreal's very Own FX Gore Wizard : Remy Couture plus many, many MORE !!!


I will be attending THE Festival Of Fear for my 3rd year in a row & will also be filming for my UpCumming Biography movie : THE Richard's World _\m/  So if you should happen to spot THE I, well,,, do Cum up & say Hi ;)  

Ohhhh,,,, let there be BLOOD _\m/



                 Rue Morgue trailer #109                   Rue Morgue Trailer #113




The facts in the case of Mr Hollow         Interview w Rodrigo Gudino via his first feature film





I had been contacted via FaceBook by Mr. BLAH BLAH, the director of a French web series called Mafiapoly. He was looking for someone to play a serial killer & new he had hit Jack Pot when a mutual Friend of ours,
Miss Danielle Hubbard had suggested me to him. I was Purrrfect for the role he had said and so we had met. This guy is such a Breath of Fresh air,,, I love him !!!
He is very passionate, x tremely driven and yet,,, is always open to others ideas ( & well,,, we all know that I ve got a few of thoses going on at all times, yes ? ) 
We talked, we laughed & we created Splash : THE Serial Killer. I am brought into the series by episode 17 : La Collecte. That episode was a huge hit with views from our great friends, from the Over Seas :)
Shortly after, we had filmed the 19th episode and this is where my Fans will surely get the maximum Crazy from our Beloved Splash ! There was Blood EVERYWHERE !!! And without giving too much away,,,
we will see the Birth of several new characters on Mafiapoly including My Daughter, Crimson Heavens  & Miss Bianca Black ;)
Stay tuned for Mafiapoly Season 2 hitting your computer Screens very Shortly _\m/
 Mafiapoly Epi 17 : La Collecte . Birth Of Serial Killer : Splash 


                                    Mafiapoly Epi 19 : Diversification De Marche : Splash : Butcher Baby



Mutagenic Studios : Mutants at Large


This week, I would like to pay Homage to my Amazing, Talented & Blood Bathing friends at  Mutagenic Studios : Timothy Bacon & Paul Green  !!!


I  had the X treme privilidge of meeting theses Ultra Fine Mutants, almost one year ago, on a Wonderful Fall weekend . We met over the phone, during one of their visits in Montreal, throughout a batterie of shootings with my Trusting  & Lovable Friend,,, Miss Bianca Black. . Man, did we ever get it ON !!! Our collaboration was most definetely to becum,,, a marriage in HELLLLLLL _\m/. 

Over the last year, Mutagenics are the ones responsible for most of my Romantically Grotesque Material. This union of twisted minds searching to entertain with never before been images, seemed to me as if preordained,,, by Devilish Gods. Together we delivered for you such artwork as : BuzzSaw Masturbation, THE C.H.U.D, THE Neo Samurai, THE Changeling, Spiderman (Slave to THE Future) &  THE Brood (starring great Friend & Fetish Icon,,, Miss Jean Bardot .)

Mutagenic Studios are presentaly working on a Graphic Novel wich promises to have you left with your tonges to the ceiling & Mouths to the floor. This project & Love Child is called : Babylon Smith . It is a futuristic piece set in San Angeles, year 2260. Babylon is the main character (Played by Mutant Paul Green). He is a freelancing, addiction drowning, Regulator working the mean streets of the mega city. He eventualy encounters old army nemesis "THE Prophet & his Twin Bodyguard Bitches" who in fact are played by THE I , Bianca Black & Danielle Hubbard . I strongly suggest that you keep an eye open on this project as it unfolds for it will surely make any futuristic Bruce Willis movie seem like Pinocchio ;)      Estimate release date : November 1st, 2011.


What's more,,, My Favorite Mutants of Choice have also jumped aboard with us in order to deliver my Most Anticipated show to date, cum Montreal Fetish Weekend, on the Sunday September 4th closing party event : Night of Masks.  Brace yourselves for all that is visceral to the human eye as we will make You : Sweat, ROCK,,, till You Fuckin DROP !!!





Le Rendez- Vous de l' Erotisme a Montreal

MJAZZ présentait le 2e rendez-vous de l’érotisme de Montréal qui a eu lieu le 7 juin 2011 durant la semaine du Grand Prix du Canada, en collaboration avec le Magazine Summum et le Bar Le Garage. Cette année l’évènement a eu lieu à L’Impérial Room , situé a Montréal au 1432 rue Crescent. Lors de cette soirée, il y en avait pour tous les goûts du fétichisme (  Dunter ), au pole dancing ( Maiko Starr ), en passant par le burlesque ( Betty Wilde ), c’était le rendez-vous du sexe et du plaisir charnel. Pour suivre le prochain évé

On June 7th 2011, MJAZZ had presented their 2nd edition to  "Le Rendez-Vous de l Erotisme de Montreal" wich is basicly a gathering of everyone who is anyone whithin the Montreal Erotic industry. The creators of this event had realised that the fetish community mixes up quite well with the Adult industry and so had contacted Our Dear Friend : Miss Isabeau FS . Isabeau would invite 20 of her closest friends, wich represent to her eyes,,, the Faces of the Montreal Fetish scene. What an Amazing time we had had !!! As soon as we arrived at THE Imperial Room ( 1432 Crescent street ) & strutted out of our Limo & unto THE Red Carpet,,, the Party had most definetely begun !!! Paparazzi left, center, right, where capturing the Oooozing Energy of pure SexXxuality ! We were Greatly entertained by the Wonderful talent that night. Dunter did  Amazing Bondage with his Beautiful Submisive in a Wonderful Suspension act. Betty Wilde teased & pleased the audience with a very SexXxy Burlesque Number were she stripped down to the Art of Seduction. And last but not least,,, Pole Dancing by THE Great Miss Maiko Starr !!! What can I say about Maiko that I have not yet already said on countless of times before ??? Maiko Starr Fuckin ROCKS MY WORLD !!! This woman is Pure, Raw, SexXxual Energy ! And what I especialy love about this artist is that she will go out of her way to always deliver a brand new act to fit the theme of the night & Party . Bravo to all,,,, we were greatly entertained ;) I would like to give my very Big Thank you's to the Owner & Staff from the Imperial Room as we were X tremely well looked after wich insure us a memorable night not soon to be forgoten ;)

Montage video par :

Links towards Photo Albums by Jo Gorsky  /  Vid Vicious  



FlashBack to Cirque Du Boudoir's : Paparazzi Event !!!



This Party was held on April the 24th 2010 at THE Just for Laughs Museum in Montreal.( Videos Filmed and edited By : BeVision HD.TV )

This event remains one of my Favorite's of that summer . The Creators : Davide and Miss Bunnyguts went ALLLL out in order for everyone present to feel like a Smashing Fuckin' SuperStar !!!

The first Clip is of Hubert Vary & I doan' That Cat Walk Than' for Priape Clothes wear and we kinda end things a Little Hot & Kinky ;)

The Second one is of the whole Fashion Show from that Glorious Summer Night. First we have NYC's Finest Miss : Jacqueline Marie presenting her Awesome, Fun & Sexy Latex Collection .Following,,,

is Boutique Priape's Summer collection of Latex & Leather. This is where you will spot THE I pleasing THE Crowd ;)

Cheers and enjoy xxxx





         Hubert Vary & THE I for Priape Mtl                    THE Paparazzi 2010 Fashion Show





Black Koctail  May 13th : I will be volunteering a Fundraiser at L'Aigle Noir cum Friday May 13th & working THE Spanking booth with THE Great  : Contessa Allura. Tickets will be sold at 5$ each and one stub is required per activity . All profits will go to help Danny Godbout ( Mr. Leather Montreal 2011 )  On his way to IML (Internationnal Mister Leather) where he will represent Montreal at the competition. So what do you say ? Wanna Cum Play with Me ???  L'Aigle Noir : 1315, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montreal, QC, H2L 2H4. 514-529-0040 






Review : This has been an AMAZING Event where Mr. Leather Montreal 2011 has collected a total of 1800$ in proceeds that Wonderful Night !!! Contessa Alura & THE I worked at THE Spanking Booth as Volunteers for THE ALCC / CCVA Community in supporting Mr Danny Godboot's journey to Mr Leather International in Chicago where he will represent us here in Montreal ! Now I am very Happy by the turn out & Sums Collected as My Ass was warm & Pink for days on End ;) BRAVO To All Participants,,, You Guys ROCK _\m/



                                                         with Friends Rodrigo Gudino & Natale Vegas



Torture Garden Toronto May 20-21-22  : A Massive wave of us Crazy Montrealers will be en Route cum Next Friday, May 20th to party & celebrate at : Torture Garden Toronto !!! Theses are Amazing Events and I strongly Suggest that if it is in your Power to be there, well,,, BE THERE !!! THE Richard's 2 Rock Hands Way Wayyyy UP _\m/ _\m/

Review : Wowww,,, what a Great, SexXxy, Rock N Roll Week end this has been !!! I am always Sooo happy to attend such Kinky marathon like events as the hype & energie that cums along with it resembles that, of a High school reunion ;) Everyone is at their Kinkiest Best & Booze, Lube & Laughter keeps on flowing through out the whole weekend long ~ RRRRRRrrrrrrrrr,,, Massive thank you's to creator of TGT : Craig J Galbraith, Hosts with the Mosts : Colleen Farrell & Drew Kindred of Kindred's Muze Photography, My partner in crime : K8 Luster of Luster Jewelry & last but not least ,,, Rodrigo Gudino & FN Vegas for the Absolute Best Times, between the Events !!! Cheers TGT & Sex you up once again, cum next year ;)






Club Sin : Dominatrix June 3rd : The first Friday of every month holds a fetish night here in Montreal City . Club Sin & Cum June 3rd, the theme is : DOMINATRIX !!!  230 St-Laurent, Montreal, Qc H2X 2S5

We had learned at the very last minute that a Great friend of ours, Montreal's very own Marilyn Monroe, Miss Christelle Souverbie was celebrating her Birthday around the same time as our June episode of Club Sin : Dominatrix. And so,,, I simply had to bake her a 3 foot long Black Forest Penis Cake !!! Not an easy task but with the help of a few friends,,,, mission accomplished ;) Rushing for time ( Me & my hair ) , we ordered a cab & jumped en direction : Club Sin. Ohhh,,, the fun to be had !!! We would call for Christelle to cum on Stage & 6 of us Hotties would surround her in a Loving, Gropping, Kissing Orgy of Celebration & have the Birthday Grrrrl blow out her candles from her very Erected Cake ;) Well,,, Behold !!! The Caber suddenly braked ( as would be "Le tour de l Ile de Montreal" ) as he almost hit sudden traffic & Christelle's cake went flying ALLLL Over K8 Luster, her lap, legs & heels !!! There was Cherry pie filling all over the back seat, 4 laughing  fetish clothed Freaks & one very upset Taxi Driver. What do you do in such a situation ??? My poor Penis Cake ... And I was Sooo very proud of it !!!  We cleaned as best we could but in the end, it was like picking up wet dog poo with bare hands !!!  We gave him a 40$ tip and decided to walk the rest of the distance as traffic was now at a stop . A  20 minute walk in a G string in Montreal on a Friday Night will get quite a few remarks ( some good, some bad ) & very Loud Cat Calls BUT,,,we had finally made it .The Club was Totally packed with Dominatrix styled Eye Candy & the party was on Full Throttle ! Although Christelle never got to eat her Birthday Penis Cake, she got a good laugh at our little adventure & Hey,,,, could of always licked some off K8 ;)



                                 K8 sporting Christelle's B Day Penis cake w heels ;)


Club Sin May 6th : Uniformity


What an Amazing Evening we had had at Club Sin Last Friday night ! Bravo to Cinched Tight Corsets : Miss Anne Marie Smith,

Luster Jewelry's : Miss K8 Luster, All the Breath taking, Super Sultry models involved <3

MY Grrrrls Behind Bars : Natasha Nebula, Jasmine Virginia, Andreane Kebreau !  

Mutant Artists: Mutagenic Studios,

Creator & Dear Friend of Club Sin & Montreal Fetish Weekend : Eric Paradis,

DJ : Mr Philip Faith,THE One who managed to pull all of this together,

Our Artistic Director & Beloved friend ,,, Songbird : Miss Larousse <3<3<3 for documenting theses great memory videos and last but not least :

to all of you who have cum out to play with Us :)Thank you ALL Soooo very much for this,,,,

My Ultimate Birthday Bash Dream !!! THE Loves You xxxx