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THE SEXposed

THE Richard by Mutagenic Studios
You got casted for the role of a serial Killer called Splash. How did you get the role? Also for the people who haven't seen it yet, where can they see it?

 I had been contacted via FaceBook by Mr. Carl Simard, the director of a French web series called Mafiapoly. He was looking for someone to play a serial killer & knew he had hit Jack Pot when a mutual Friend of ours,
Miss Danielle Hubbard had suggested me to him. I was Purrrfect for the role he had said and so we had met. This guy is such a Breath of Fresh air,,, I love him !!!
He is very passionate, x tremely driven and yet,,, is always open to others ideas ( & well,,, we all no that I ve got a few of thoses going on at all times, yes ? ) 
We talked, we laughed & we created Splash : THE Serial Killer. I am brought into the series by episode 17 : La Collecte. That episode was a huge hit with views from all over, including from our great friends,,, from the Over Seas.We filmed the 19th one over the weekend and this is where my Fans will surely get the maximum Crazy from our Beloved Splash ! There was Blood EVERYWHERE !!! And without giving too much away,,,
we will see Birth to several new characters on Mafiapoly including My Daughter, Crimson Heavens & Miss Bianca Black.

The Web series can be found at . Enjoy