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Is there more acting in the future for THE Richard ?

 Absolutely !!! I love being offered the opportunity to play different characters .This is a true challenge & when I Suck Seed, as in Success,,, it makes it all the more x citing as I feel that I can break free from being type casted as purely one dimensional . I ve been offered a few roles for different series through out the summer. Some in French & others in English. A zombie role for an American Short where I am to play Main Zombie but ,we still need to finish the negotiations for this one.And of course, I will be Splashing my way through your computer screen on Mafiapoly Season 2 _\m/

Let's talk about Love! You're always surrounded by beautiful Women. Whether at a club or during photoshoots, but the question is, does THE believe in Love?

 Lol,,, that is a great question !!! What may surprise a lot of people is that I am actually quite old fashioned and a perfect Gentlemen in a relationship. If I am dating a woman, I will not have the need or want to sleep with another one nor should she go with another man but,,, if one or both should desire same sex activities, I consider this perfectly fine as this marks a very different energy which opposites cannot compete with hence,,, no competition.So in regards to this question, my answer is,,, Fuck Yesss !!! Cums a certain time in one's life where a relationship should be about trust, comprehension, the want to be One's King and She,,, your Queen. This is a very special bond and should deserve a lot of work at a lot of the time. Even although relations cum & go, if a feeling of Love was ever truly involved,,, That emotion should never really die . I still Love all of my past Lovers and am to this day great friends with each & every one of them . Now,,, have I found that True Romance as was for Sailor and Lula from the movie "Wild at Heart" ??? Came very close to it once or twice before and may very well be getting a third chance to it as we now speak But THAT,,, will have to wait until our next little interview

 You currently have a contest running on your website. Can you please tell us more about it and the prizes that the participants can win ?

Answer) I ve had the privilege of meeting so many artists over the years and many who have inspired me to think Wayyy outside of My Box !!! Weather they be good at painting, sculpting, casting, sewing or simply creating Doll like objects from Dead Things, This set my spinning Hamster wheel a-going !!! How can I help bring more visibility to my new, talented friends ??? So came a night where I was discussing this over supper with my Great friend, Eric Paradis ( creator of Club Sin & Montreal Fetish Weekend ) & after several glasses of wine ( ??? ) we landed on the concept for : THE Richard's May Day Annual Fan Art Kontest !!! Every year cum my Birthday, we will be setting this competition where artists of all styles can create and submit their visions of THE I &; get a chance to win some Wonderful Fan Based Prizes _\m/
On this first edition :

Winner #1 will get a VIP pass to Montreal Fetish Weekend 2011 plus,,, a Head to Head super with I cum Sat Sept 3rd, prepared & served by the Lovely Miss Bianca Black,,, Her Tremendous Assets and Pet Gimp.
Winner #2 will get 2 passes to the closing party event : THE Night of Masks plus,,, a half an hour photo shoot with I By a surprise Guest Photographer
Winner #3  will get a staff pass to the Night Of Masks plus,,, a chance to be at my side on stage for, Our Big Midnight Closing Show Event ( Ref : )