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On May 6, you return on stage at Club Sin for your annual birthday bash. What can the people present at the club expect?

he theme for the night is called Uniformity. I grew up watching all those fun, sleeze, Grrrrls Behind Bars movies AKA " Every movie Linda Blair appeared in ounce her Tremendous Assets Started Bouncing Around " & needless to say,,, my old VHS tapes are all Fucked up there where theses girls would take X tremely long showers . It is now time for my annual Birthday Bash Party & I call for : Grrrrls Behind Bars !!! 
This is a tricky one. We did not want to go where the obvious would go with such a show ( BDSM ), and this is where My great Friend & Trusting consultant, Miss LaRousse came in with a Brilliant idea !!! Now I cannot give it all away but think : Broadway Style Entertainment.

 Speaking of birthday bash, there will be a fashion show that evening and rumor has it that your daughter Crimson Heavens will be part of it. Is there any truth to the rumor?

 Yesss,,, Absolutely !!! My Daughter Crimson Heavens shall be doing her very first Cat Walk for THE Amazing "Cinched Tight Corsets" Cum May 6th, at Club Sin,,, for My May Day Birthday Bash Party !!!
How Lucky am I ??? We've already shared THE Stage together, Shot for photographer Mr. Philip Faith & soon to becum co-Stars,,, for the web series : Mafiapoly Season 2 !!!
I Feel though I must be THE Proudest Father Alive.

What can we expect during your performance at the Montreal Fetish Weekend this year?

 SexXxy, Blood Soaked,,, Rock N Roll _\m/

*This interview hasn't been modified in any shape or form..It's straight from the "THE"


BY : Fetish Lifestyle