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Holy Scar 

Born of Italien descent, Olivier Breton Ciccareilli aka : Holy Scar has been on a serious mission, ever since his teens,,, to chalenge himself both spiritualy & physically with pretty much everything that seemed to be, over the top, absolute fuckin X treme! His reasoning behind this seemed pure & simple. To push his boundaries to a maximum level in order to better himself as a human, a philosopher & therefore becum his own personal Jesus. During this time, He studyied in forms of martial arts & with determination, blood & alot of sweat,,, quickly felt confident enough to do what we all do cum Vegas. He Gambaled !!! Entering a traditional chinese boxing competition, he won to a man double his size ;)

Impressed by his focus & quick learning abilities, he then followed a path to better the human body through exercise & nutrition. Never judging any one philosophy, he researched them all & became an avid subject to the gym throughout bodybuilding & good eating.  Working at a nutrition store, his body mass quickly developped & would later became a trainer for those who gazzed, impressed at his sculped physique.

This is where he now fully realised that anything could very well be possible if he'd apply the mind over matter routine & so decided to journey down an alternative path where body modification, scarification & tattooing would reside. Although many of his peers would see this as dark or seedy, Holy swam down it's currant to becum the man he now is.

He has since then taken the world by storm with his ever so growing moto towards everything takled : Why do i do this ? Because I can. My great Friend Mr.Pain tells me that i am awake,,, reminding me that I am alive !!!

Holy presently offers his services as a tattoo artist, as a model for both alternative & mainstreme, an exotic dancer & performer & Brand new to his repertoire,,,, FIRE PLAY !!!

Born : Feb 7th/ 1989

Height : 6"1

Weight 200 lbs

Eyes & hair : brown