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 Live Filming by Patricia Chica ( MFW 2010  )        SMN5 : A Latex Love Affair ( MFW 2010 )


THE Richard : Fetish Model, Horror Fiend, Rock N Roll Whore ( Natalie Vegas )


THE Richard is a Canadian Fetish model, performer/ presenter & actor . One of the most compelling & entertaining of his time. His Live Performances present elements of various styles : Fetish, Horror & Rock N Roll !!! His larger than life persona combined with such Raw Gritty Sexual Energy, has definitely attracted Crowds all over Canada & the US. THE Richard is now transitioning to becoming a film actor whithin the mainstream world by appearing in an American music video for New York singer/ songwriter "Kelly Padrick" & starring in his first movie : CERAMIC TANGO. A psychological drama with a slice of fantasy directed by award winning filmmaker, Patricia Chica. THE Character that he plays in CT is inspired by his persona but also adds a new dimension to his performance where... Body- Language & Dialogue are exploited to enhance the drama of the story. 

During his live performances, it is obvious that the audience members, male and female combined, are there for THE Richard !!! Once he appears on stage, the room fills up with cheers & screams like worshipers awaiting their... God.

No matter what goes on within the fetish scene, a night without THE Richard is not fully complete! And as "THE" is always happy to scream out : Sweat, Rock... till you Fuckin' DROP !!!

That being said, whatever happens at ANY Kinky event stays at THAT Kinky event ;) Just let yourself go in HIS Presence & the rest... will be History ;) ( Patricia Chica )


NOTE : In Video #1 : We witness THE Richard's Beautiful Daughter"s ( Crimson Heavens ) very first stage appearance to his side.